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7 Ways to Help Your Students When They Complain About Pain

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Woodwind Players' Health Course

This course is perfect for a college studio or pedagogy class. Dr. Kensley Behel delivers four asynchronous courses on musicians' health problems and injury prevention that meet the NASM accreditation standards. This course offers easy-to-understand and practical information including visualization training for music performance anxiety and how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

By adding this course to your syllabus you: 


In your students' mental and physical health 


affordable access to life-changing information

How does it work? 


Your time because you don't have to plan four classes

1.  Contact Kensley here.
2. Add the course to your syllabus.
3. You'll receive a payment link.
4. Your students pay $22 a person (think of it like the cost of an etude book).
5. You get the four asynchronous courses PLUS:
                  a. a compilation of the health and wellness services at your                                                            university.
                  b. "7 Ways to help your students when they complain about pain"                                          eBook (a $17 value)
                  c. pre-written activities for your studio/classroom, so you have more 
                        time for yourself!


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