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You know musicians’ health is important, but aren’t sure if you want a self-paced course or individual consulting?
You’re a parent who knows your kid is struggling and aren't sure how to get them help? That was my mom. I get it. 
Or maybe you want a custom designed course for your studio or music educators association?

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“For years I was having issues with my soft palate when playing clarinet. I had seen multiple ENTs and sought help from so many clarinet professors. I met Kensley by chance during a graduate school audition and she changed everything! She was the only person who had answers and truly understood what I was going through. With her help, I was able to tackle my problem with new information and present her recommendations to a new ENT that finally figured out my issue and quickly worked to resolve it. I owe her my future with clarinet!”

-Solara Martin, clarinetist and music educator

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