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Do you have your NASM accreditation coming up but aren’t sure you’re meeting their health and safety standards?

You’re in the right place!

Is the same old PDF not quite cutting it for explaining how exactly to meet the NASM Health and Safety Standards? 

Good News! 

I’m here to give you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to do to meet these standards and make sure you pass that part of your NASM Accreditation.

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I was in the first graduating class for Performing Arts Health in the world. 

I’ve consulted for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on musicians’ health.

I’ve helped universities like yours meet the NASM standards.

But it’s about more than just meeting the NASM standards right?
You want to make the world a better and healthier place!

Your colleagues are burned out, your students are getting injured, and you just don’t know what else to do.

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I see you, because I’ve been there, too. My colleagues were exhausted. Other students were injured, answers were few and far between, andnd the mindset was,“The show must go on!” 


But then I studied performing arts health and finally learned how to effectively help others. 

  • I have the tools to take your initiative from a dream to reality. 

  • Consulting with me doesn’t mean getting a run-of-the-mill answer…it means getting personalized approaches to your specific and unique context. 

  • There is no cookie-cutter model here!

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Kensley Behel Consulting brings you a personalized approach to addressing musicians’ health problems!

Here’s what you get with individualized consulting through the Kensley Behel Consulting:

Personalized data collection, so you can be sure that these musicians’ health interventions are suited to meet the need of your students, faculty, and staff in your context, whether that be a large R1 university, a conservatory, or a small liberal arts college.

Institutional Transdisciplinary Collaboration, so you develop collaborations between existing services (audiology, speech-language pathology, and athletic training).

Curriculum Design so you can create a relevant course addressing the basics of performing arts health and/or a research-based course for graduate students.

PAH Course Integration so you can integrate musicians’ health concepts into existing courses including ensembles, private lessons, etc. 

How does it work?


Book consultation or curriculum design


We work collaboratively to help you meet your institution’s goals based on budget and timeline


Watch your students, faculty, and staff reap the benefits (aka longer and healthier careers)

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“SVPI has been an ongoing struggle for me as a professional clarinetist. It is rare to find clinicians who are not only familiar with this occurrence, but have knowledge in successfully managing this condition. Working with Kensley was a treat: not only does she have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a working musician with this condition, but she has experience in rebuilding critical components to overcome the inherent limitations of SVPI. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” condition, and Kensley is well-versed in the spectrum of causes and the respective approaches to correction. We spent a great deal of time in my consultation combing through my personal history, experience, and previous clinical applications to identify the likely cause of my SVPI before she indicated several action items to target my specific symptoms.

Since our session, I have been able to implement practical steps into my practicing and performing that have led to noticeable decreases in my SVPI. I highly recommend Kensley! She is caring, thorough, and the most knowledgeable professional I’ve encountered on this topic.”

 -K. Thompson, Co-Founder, The Virtual Clarinet Academy

Your investment for Kensley Behel Consulting @ The Musicians' Health Lab is:

Full Consulting

(Includes curriculum design, program evaluation, data collection, and analysis):



Curriculum design only


$125 per hour

Data Collection Only  

Price dependent on intricacy of survey and type (i.e. online, interviews, etc.)

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I want to customize your service?

Customizable services are a possibility and have happened with several of my previous clients. Feel free to use my contact page.


Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, a 12-month payment plan can be set up.


I don’t think I have time for this??

Everyone’s life has ebb and flow to busy and slower seasons. Consulting and curriculum design services are offered year-round, so feel free to enroll at a time that is right for you! I only work with one large client a month, so enrolling early will give you a better chance at meeting your timeline. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can use my contact page linked here!

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