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Guest Residencies

You want to start incorporating health concepts into your studio or classroom and don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place.

I was in the first graduating class for Performing Arts Health in the world.

I’ve consulted for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on musicians’ health.

I’ve helped universities like yours meet the NASM standards.

How does it work?
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Book a masterclass or guest residency

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We'll work together to customize a plan based on your institution’s goals, budget, & timeline

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Watch your students, faculty, and staff reap the benefits

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Master Class Options:

Introduction to Performing Arts Health:

Presentation includes:

  • History of Performing Arts Health 

  • How to utilize university resources 

  • Prevalence of injuries so students know they are not alone

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Music Performance Anxiety (MPA):

Presentation includes:

  • Symptoms of Performance Anxiety (Hint: It’s not just nerves)

  • Causes of MPA including genetics, environmental, and individual behaviors

  • Interventions and how to apply them such as imagery, virtual reality exposure, and mindfulness

Indoor Fitness
Musicians Hearing Health:

Presentation includes:

  • Musicians’ ear plugs don’t work

  • Hearing health standards were made for factory noise, not music

  • How to use a dosimeter to monitor decibel levels in your classroom. 

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Want to book a masterclass?

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Kensley Behel is one of the best leading experts on Musician's Health and Wellness in the business. I hired Kensley several times to speak to my music students at Florida Gulf Coast University and the information Kensely shared with the students was accurate and insightful. I would hire Kensley Behel for any forecoming guest lectures.

-Brandon Robertson; Director of Jazz Studies at the Bower School of Music 

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  • Instrument-Specific Health Problems:
    These presentations are geared more towards studio class Prevalence of injuries pertaining to each instrument (i.e. clarinet, saxophone, violin, trombone, etc.) Symptoms of injuries and injury preventions BioPsychoSocial Factors
  • Stress Velopharyngeal Insufficiency:
    Presentation includes: It affects ⅓ of your wind musicians. Are you prepared? Symptoms and Management 8-item Questionnaire to investigate the cause of SVPI
  • Musicians' Burnout
    Presentation includes: Why burnout happens Burnout prevalence How to address Burnout
  • Vocal Health Problems (Including Instrumentalists):
    Presentation includes: Impact of Medications Every musician is a professional voice user Preventative measures to vocal health problems
  • Marching Band Health:
    Presentation includes: Exposure to high decibel levels and what to do about it How hazing occurs and how to avoid it Dehydration and de-stigmatizing water breaks

Don’t see a masterclass that's exactly what you want? Contact me here and let’s work together!

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