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Tertiary Music Education Is Outdated

It's a hot and controversial take, but I'm taking a stand! The education requirements at schools and conservatories of music are outdated.

Anecdotally, I have never used what I learned in Theory IV as a professional musician. However, I have walked through injury. And as research demonstrates, on average, 86% of musicians will experience a musculoskeletal injury during their career.

The National Association of Schools of Music requires that faculty, students, and staff be informed on the basics of musculoskeletal, hearing, and vocal health as well as injury prevention. Most universities accomplish this requirement for reaccreditation by posting a PDF on their website.

The question I always want to ask them is: "Would you teach music theory this way?" I guarantee the answer would be no. And that's because effectively teaching complex concepts is not with a three-page pdf that a student may or may not see.

If you look at most degree requirements by NASM, they don't actually specify how many semesters of theory you need to have. So, it is conceivable that a semester of theory could be dropped by most universities in favor of a comprehensive musicians' health and injury prevention course.

It is my belief that by continuing the status quo, Schools of Music are no longer meeting the needs of the modern musician which include musicians' health and injury prevention!

If you're ready to learn what your school didn't teach you, I've got you! The Musicians' Health Lab Fundamentals Course is open for Enrollment on April 10th!

We cover

  • Music Performance Anxiety, why it happens, what are the symptoms, how to utilize it, and how to calm it when necessary!

  • Musicians' Hearing Health including how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, which earplugs work, and the role of the music educator

  • Vocal Health, Musculoskeletal Health, Injury Prevention, and so much more!

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