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Musicians with ADHD: Part 1

October is ADHD awareness month, so today we are starting the dive into understanding how ADHD affects musicians. If you spend any time researching music and ADHD what you will find is how music helps those with ADHD. What is less common is: How does ADHD affect the musicians themselves?

Lazy. Stupid. Difficult. Clumsy. Emotional.

These are words too often applied to musicians who have ADHD. This labeling (and judgement) by teachers and parents often adds to the deep shame the musicians already feel. There is often an inner curiosity about why the musician is late or why they forget to bring things like pencils or music to lessons, or why they struggle to remember what they've studied for a music history exam.

While the musician has an inner curiosity about why they struggling, they also often adopt the judgments placed on them by outer voices. This is where I find that the valuable quote by one, Ted Lasso, can be a most profound tool.

"Be Curious, Not Judgemental."

If you find yourself thinking that a student or colleague is:

  • lazy

  • stupid

  • loud

  • difficult

  • clumsy

  • impulsive

  • impatient

  • etc.

I encourage you to reach deep within yourself and to be curious and non- judgemental. It may just be that their brain works differently than yours.

In the next few articles, we are getting into the gritty aspects of ADHD. Why does it happen? What are the symptoms? and How can I help my student with ADHD be successful?

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Article by: Kensley Behel

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