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Download my free chart on finding the right option for managing Music Performance Anxiety

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Musicians’ Health Research Made Simple

Helping you and your students understand and prevent musicians health problems

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Here, musicians just like you are saying no to “no pain, no gain” and:

are living out their dream careers as informed musicians

know how to address existing injuries, so they can get back to playing safely


are sharing their knowledge with the next generation

Let's Work Together!


Let’s chat about your goals


Choose your path!


A go-at-your-own-pace course OR

individual consulting.


Be free from that “no pain, no gain” mindset

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Kensley not only has a passion (and undeniable expertise!) for performing arts health, but she is one of the best communicators and project partners I’ve ever worked with. Together, we published the first National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded booklet on performing arts health and showcased it at the Texas Music Educators Association. We look forward to working with her when we can, and I would highly recommend her as an educator or for whatever your professional needs may be related to musicians’ health. 

-Brian Leaf - Executive Director of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Region 3 

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Hey, I’m Kensley

Musicians’ Health Researcher + Clarinetist + Gymnastics Expert (as in the NY Times calls me during the Olympics for my opinion). 


After graduating with my Master’s in Clarinet Performance, I was too injured to perform full-time, but I didn’t want to move into my parent's basement. So, I did the next most logical thing and moved half-way around the world to teach English in Germany. 


While I lived in Germany, my favorite clarinet teacher was performing in Belgium.  I met her for tea and she asked me, “What do you want to do?” I told her, “I want to help musicians understand how to help prevent injuries so they can have healthier careers than I did.” 

I did just that. 


I got my Ph.D. in performing arts health. I published with the National Institute of Health.

And now: 

  • I consult with clients all over the world

  • I give masterclasses on musicians' health

  • I have literally helped save musicians’ careers


And there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

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Who is the Musicians' Health Lab for?

  • NASM Schools wanting guidance on how to share the basics of musicians' health with their students, faculty, and staff

  • Music Educators wanting to know how to identify, prevent, and manage injuries in the studio and classroom

  • Musicians wanting to learn more about instrument-specific injuries as well as music performance anxiety and noise-induced hearing loss

  • Doctoral, Masters, and Honors students wanting to learn how to conduct musicians’ health research for dissertations and theses

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